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released February 3, 2017

A hastily assembled collection of three scrapped demos, followed by three personal favorites.

Tracks 1-3 were written by Austin Keeler
Track 4 was written by The Mountain Goats
Track 5 was written by The Weakerthans
Track 6 was written by Radiator Hospital

Performed/Recorded by Austin Keeler
Mixed by A. Wilcox Lloyd
Art by Austin Keeler and Victor Lopez

Special thanks in advance to The Mountain Goats, The Weakerthans, and Radiator Hospital for not suing a humble fan like me. Please buy their music, they're lovely.



all rights reserved


Heavy Boots Dallas, Texas

Post-Glam Speed Folk. Sparkle Motion Records 2016.

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Track Name: Love In The Time Of The Literal Actual Apocalypse
You were there when the sun stopped shining, and we kissed while the clouds rained blood. We held hands as the great void opened it's mouth and swallowed this planet up. I watched the whole sky catch fire from the reflection in your eyes, and if I get to spend my final moments with you I don't even give a shit if I die. And we'll dance as the ground crumbles under our feet. There may be nothing left, but you're everything to me.
Track Name: I Was A Blue Smokescreen
If you could transcend all the weight of self-awareness that just fills you up and keeps you in this relentless tailspin, maybe you could finally love yourself, go back to school, or start that band. I'm just trying to be real: How much longer can you make it after you've taught yourself not to feel? You're just spinning the wheels, and learning that redemption isn't always part of the deal.

You are inelegant and pure, a silent static blur, the only thing on Earth that keeps me feeling sound and sure.

If we could pretend that things went a little differently, well, maybe we could still be friends. I just can't understand how to shed all this resentment and forgive myself and start again. You were reckless and mean, more vicious than ambitious, unapologetically obscene. I was a blue smokescreen, molded by the wind, as impermanent as everything.

You are inelegant and pure, a silent static blur, the only thing on Earth that keeps me feeling sound and sure.
Track Name: Kind Tender Beauty
You pull the covers up over your head, feeling kind of distant, and your mind's running in circles again. Spent the evening out with your best friends just wishing you were home, all alone, not fighting the spins. Trying to find something that's simple and clean, but you like when things get messy and you're not quite sure what that means. I just wanna give you everything except a couple hundred glances and a truly unattainable dream.

Saying goodbye in the seat of your car. You've got a flight out of town in a hour and the airport is far. Trying to leave but never trying that hard. Let's just go to a museum or get in a couple rounds at the bar. Let's just please go anywhere but here, because we're just waiting on the sorrow, and who knows how much of it we can bear. You said "It's already been one hell of a year," so let's stop counting the days and just exist without our pain and our fear.

Stop counting the days.